Olympic Drives History

The Olympic Marine Azimuth Drive was first introduced back in the late 1960s. After a few short years of production in Washington State, Summer Equipment bought the company and moved it to British Columbia.

Using the Olympic Drive as the propulsion and maneuvering system, Summer Equipment built boom boats for the northwest forest industry. These highly maneuverable little vessels became renowned for their tough construction and durability in a harsh working environment.

In the late 1970s, to meet the demand for a larger and more powerful boom boat, Summer Equipment developed the Heavy Duty HD3 Azimuth. These tough 200 HP Z-drives soon became the standard in the forest industry.

In 1993, Summer Equipment acquired a number of assets from West Coast Manly Shipbuilding, including designs for the West Coast Winders and the 100 HP UD2 Hydro Drive. This little azimuth completed Summer Equipment's line of durable workboat Z-drives ranging from 200 HP (150 kW) to 100 HP (75 kW).

In 2005, Olympic Drives & Equipment Ltd. acquired the intellectual property relating to the manufacture of the Olympic Drives and Hydro Drives from Summer Equipment Ltd. as well as key personnel. Olympic Drives continue to manufacture these azimuths to the high standard our customers have come to expect.

The future for the Olympic Drive and the Hydro Drive is bright as new types of vessels start to utilize the amazing maneuverability these azimuths offer.

West Coast Winder Drawing